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From the producers of Star Trek: Phoenix comes a new fan film from the Alien franchise!

Support our very own Adam & Elle Sonnet and learn about their exciting new film: Alien Identity! Check out the article below, which includes a nod to Star Trek: Phoenix.

ALIEN IDENTITY takes place 14 years after the events of James Cameron's 1986 blockbuster Aliens, and continues the story of Rebecca "Newt" Jorden. Starring Elle Viane Sonnet, as well as returning Aliens veterans Ricco Ross and Carrie Henn.

“Carrie Henn to return to acting in Aliens fan film” - via The Dissolve >
Alien Identity Official Website >

Leo Roberts Reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

Here is the link to my review of Star Trek Into Darkness. I give three perspectives and there are SPOILERS, so watch out. I will say the Trek perspective review is quite critical but I think most of you expect that, plus, I'm brutally honest. Have fun and I look forward to the discussions that follow!

WARNING: SPOILERS! Read the review >

Special Announcement

Each of you are nothing but amazing and you have been loyal, following our journey throughout the years. January 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of Star Trek: Phoenix's creation and we'd like to ask you for a quick favor and its something everyone can help with. Our social media numbers on Facebook and Twitter are continuing to climb along with our email subscribers. We'd like to set realistic goals for all three areas and this is where you come in. If you're on Facebook, share the Star Trek: Phoenix Fan page and if you're on Twitter, tweet a message about Phoenix to your followers. If you prefer to use our email subscription list, please share the sign-up link with your friends and family.

Here is the fun part. We are prepared to make a special announcement when all of our goals have been met but only when all three areas are successful.


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All of the links you need to help us are located below. Please feel free to share as you like to help us reach these goals and we're very confident our loyal fans will come through once again. Welcome to a new year which we hope everyone will be healthy, happy but more importantly, live long & prosper. Thanks everyone for your help! Happy 2013.


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