On May 2, 2010, we brought you a glimpse of the future of Star Trek and the crew of the U.S.S. Phoenix embarked on a dangerous mission but left you on a cliff hanger. Set in a time period of 42 years following the events of the motion picture Star Trek: Nemesis, Star Trek: Phoenix has given the fans a new adventure where none have gone before.

Part II of "Cloak & Dagger" has been dormant but today, you can help make the Phoenix rise again.

We receive daily requests to make Part II and we can but we need your help. Shows you watch on television are financially supported by commercials and programs on networks like HBO and Showtime are supported by monthly subscribers. Until we are in a position to produce Phoenix as a network TV show or given copyright permission from CBS to produce episodes for profit, we are left to ask you, our fans, for your assistance in order to produce what you have come to enjoy.

With the process we're creating, we feel we can appropriately gain sufficient attention to warrant a discussion with CBS to either obtain licensing rights to produce the series for profit or perhaps have the network make Phoenix the next TV series for the franchise. Part I was only a small glimpse of what we are capable of doing and with Part II, we'll have a higher budget and access to other elements we didn't have before to make the production even better. We want the opportunity to prove all of this and more.

The cast is ready to reprise their characters and members of our crew are ready to come back and create more of the Phoenix universe – will you help us?

The largest expense for Part II is the construction of all the Phoenix sets including the bridge. Once we have the sets in place, creating future episodes will be easier and we have plenty of new adventures to show you. The other nice part about having the sets is we are designing them to be used so they can be easily modified for another, original science fiction series we want to bring you.

Now, consider this, the average movie ticket price in the USA is $7.89 (not including concessions) and even more in the UK and other countries. We all venture to theaters for mindless entertainment and while a few movies are good, most are just that – entertaining. We spend money on other items to entertain ourselves despite the state of the world economy.

In this instance, consider donating the money you would spend on venturing to the movies or something else to Phoenix and help us bring you more of the future of Star the Original timeline.

Again, we haven't had any new Star Trek since the reboot in 2009 and that was over 2 years ago. The sequel goes into production in January 2012 but we won't see it in theaters until mid-2013.

So who's coming back for the cast? Check out the Cast section and find out.

Then check out the Donation Incentives section so you can see all of the cool Phoenix items we're offering in lieu of your donation. We've never made any item from Phoenix available to the fans... until now.

If you're unable to donate/contribute to the production, we completely understand, but we still can use your help by promoting the project to anyone and everyone you know. The more fans we obtain, the possiblity of gaining new supporters rises daily, so will you help us? New fans can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or by joining our Email Distribution List.

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