Investment Opportunities

Star Trek: Phoenix is operated as a not-for-profit endeavor, therefore we are unable to distribute the episodes for a price; hence why Part I is available on the Internet for free.  We are in the process of developing investment opportunities for an original science fiction series.

All of the sets are we are designing for Phoenix are being created so they can be easily modifiable to look appropriate for another series so they will be dual purpose.  We are open to discussing the possibility of donations being made with a investment return from this new original series, Traces.  Parties interested are encouraged to contact us via email at


For the past 200 years, six people have slept in cryostasis on an unknown vessel hidden in deep space. Now awakened by an enigmatic stranger, they find themselves on a badly damaged ship with no knowledge of who or what they are. Trapped in a decaying orbit around a remote planet, the crew is forced to postpone the search for their identities and figure out how to repair their vessel and escape before it's too late.

From the writers of Star Trek: Phoenix.

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Watch "Cloak & Dagger"